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Diagnostic Network Audit (DNA)

Today's network environments have a broad topology based on all the diverse types of hardware, software, applications and components.  You have a lot of time invested in it and you want to know how well your network is doing. Is it scalable, does it have areas that need attention or do you have concerns with its performance?

At INA - Information Network Associates Corp. we perform an audit of your network, and provide you with a review of your existing network environment. Our audit based on our years of network experience, using various network auditing tools helps you perform capacity planning, fault tolerance, performance and availability issues.

Diagnostic Network Audit (DNA) services include:

  • Examining and documenting your existing network environment, including network hardware inventory, software and applications, router configuration, switch configuration, network cabling, protocol usage, and memory utilization.
  • Evaluating current network performance, including traffic patterns, bandwidth optimization, and Internet connectivity, network vulnerabilities, security policy and backup procedures.
  • Interview with IT personnel and their process of operation
  • Identifying opportunities for network consolidation, simplification and cost reduction.
  • Evaluating additional network infrastructure upgrades aimed at meeting your short and long-term business goals.
  • Detailing all findings in an Assessment Report.
  • Planning and designing additional recommended networks.

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. Onsite service is currently available in Northern and Western Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C, Atlanta, and Parts of the Mid-Atlantic States. Telephone and remote assistance support including Network Monitoring Services is available worldwide.

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