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For many users, finding the best IT solutions for your home or place of business while  keeping costs down may be both complicated and time consuming. INA - Information Network Associates Corp. helps eliminate this time consuming task utilizing our visionary concept entitled, Action Request Team or simply A.R.T

All our affiliates and alliances are staffed with support professionals with a minimum of 10 or more years of experience in the computer support industry. Using various integration methods that fit you or your company needs, A.R.T., members provide on site and remote technical support for home users and businesses alike.  Thus eliminating the need for you to take apart your system and turn it in to a local computer support center.

Our technical services include emergency 24/7 onsite support line, and over the phone technology support. Services range but not limited to: computer and network troubleshooting, system repair, Virus and Spy-ware removal, Security Assessments,
Wi-Fi support, disaster recovery and Process Improvement functions to name a few. Utilizing remote assistance technology, our technicians are able to connect to your computer or network within minuets  to run diagnostics, identify problems, and execute solutions.  

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