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Do you need to get things done for your business, but are not sure which way to turn?  Through Information Network Associates Cyber Secretary division, we put together  secretarial experts, creative talents and writing/proofreading professionals to take care
of administrative and creative projects that require experience, quality and originality.
From documents and forms to brochures and publications.  When you need an extra hand, the; Cyber Secretary team of Information Network Associates is there to assist you.

Not sure if a Cyber Secretary can assist you or your business?
Take the Cyber Secretary Services Quiz below.

  • Are you're looking at the mountain of paperwork on your desk, wondering when  you're ever going to get to it?
  • Does it seems like you're the only one putting in sixteen hour days just to keep from being overwhelmed?
  • Do you dread having to go through the stress and headache of hiring someone to help out?
  • Are you wasting time struggling with documents that just won't do what you want?
  • Does your clients' demand for your attention puts all other projects on hold?
  • Do you want real solutions, not promises?

If you answered YES to any of the preceding questions, then you need our Cyber Secretary Services to help you regain control over your paperwork.  

Profit from our expertise. You want to focus on serving your clients, and you know what
your strengths and weaknesses are. When you need help with a time-sensitive, complex or challenging project - or if it's simple and routine, but a time-consuming one - we can help.

For more detailed information click the link below or visit our Cyber Secretary Website at to learn more about Our Cyber Secretary Services and how we're setting the standard for remote professional administrative services.

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